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Re-imaginings of Classics

I love when an author can take a classic story and make it their own. The best ones often add to the original in a stunningly complimentary way. The following are some such books that I have read recently and believe to be masterful pieces of work that could become classics themselves. What Moves the…

The Nightmare Man by J.H. Markert

The Nightmare Man is a book filled with folklore come dangerously to life. Folklore that was told to one of our main characters, Ben Bookman, by his grandfather when he was a child. Nightmares that he put into the books he writes, including his latest release, The Scarecrow. A book he wrote in three days…

Honorary Losers Club Members

Do you love the way Stephen King writes friend groups, like in It and Stand by Me? If so, you will love these books. The kids in these books have that tight-knit comradery that is always prevalent in Stephen King’s writing, and of course, they each have their own monsters to conquer. The Stars Did…

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