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Books with a twist!

This is a short list of books I read in 2022 that each had a twist or two at the end that caught me off guard. I love when a book can make me audibly gasp, and these books did just that. Don’t worry! I won’t spoil the twists for you. I’m just going to…

From the killer’s POV

I’ve put together a short list of books I’ve read that use the killer as the narrator. It’s a technique that I’ve always found intriguing. As there are so many different mindsets that a person could be in when committing any crime, but especially murder, having a peek into such a mind is fascinating -…

The Hiding Place by C.J. Tudor

Joe believes you can run from your past, that you can become a new person in a new place and completely shed your old skin. But, when you go back home, you slip right back into it. And you will always eventually end up back home, for one reason or another, whether you like it…

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