Books by State: Nebraska

Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell & Faith Erin Hicks

“Deja and Josiah are seasonal best friends.

Every autumn, all through high school, they’ve worked together at the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world. (Not many people know that the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world is in Omaha, Nebraska, but it definitely is.) They say good-bye every Halloween, and they’re reunited every September 1.

But this Halloween is different―Josiah and Deja are finally seniors, and this is their last season at the pumpkin patch. Their last shift together. Their last good-bye.

Josiah’s ready to spend the whole night feeling melancholy about it. Deja isn’t ready to let him. She’s got a plan: What if―instead of moping and the usual slinging lima beans down at the Succotash Hut―they went out with a bang? They could see all the sights! Taste all the snacks! And Josiah could finally talk to that cute girl he’s been mooning over for three years . . .

What if their last shift was an adventure?” — Summary from publisher

This was such a cute read and quick as well since it is a graphic novel. The story is adorable and exciting in a fun-loving kind of way. Both Josiah and Deja are extremely easy to fall in love with and their connection is palpable. Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks are both character driven writers, and Hicks – being the illustrator – really brings the emotions of the characters to the forefront so we can actually see them and feel them even more than we would if it was a regularly formatted book.

I think this story definitely is enhanced by it being a graphic novel because you can experience not only the depth of the characters, but also the pumpkin patch! Who doesn’t love a good fall-fest pumpkin patch? And if you’ve never been to one, this is the perfect one to start with. It gets a bit more chaotic than any I’ve been to, what with the aggressive goat that got loose and is seen terrorizing the guests throughout the story, but that just adds to the fun right?!

My favorite part though is the connection between Deja and Josiah. Deja isn’t just trying to get Josiah the woman of his dreams. She helps him loosen up, break some rules, and enjoy the moment instead of constantly living for the future and wallowing in anxiety. I would love to have someone like Deja in my life, because I am absolutely more of a Josiah. He is also a constant daydreamer (same), and this “mission” Deja drags him on ends up helping him ground himself. He realizes that constantly daydreaming makes you miss the joy that is right in front of you.

So, we should all strive to be more like Deja. Live for the moment, be carefree, and go for the things you want instead of waiting for fate to drop it at your feet.

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