Books with a twist!

This is a short list of books I read in 2022 that each had a twist or two at the end that caught me off guard. I love when a book can make me audibly gasp, and these books did just that. Don’t worry! I won’t spoil the twists for you. I’m just going toContinue reading “Books with a twist!”

From the killer’s POV

I’ve put together a short list of books I’ve read that use the killer as the narrator. It’s a technique that I’ve always found intriguing. As there are so many different mindsets that a person could be in when committing any crime, but especially murder, having a peek into such a mind is fascinating –Continue reading “From the killer’s POV”

The Hiding Place by C.J. Tudor

Joe believes you can run from your past, that you can become a new person in a new place and completely shed your old skin. But, when you go back home, you slip right back into it. And you will always eventually end up back home, for one reason or another, whether you like itContinue reading “The Hiding Place by C.J. Tudor”

Belladonna by Adalyn Grace

As a baby, Signa was surrounded by death when everyone, including her parents, died from poison at a party at her family estate. When Death reached for her, he saw her future instead of memories of her short life, and her soul was not to be taken that night. Now, at nineteen, Signa has beenContinue reading “Belladonna by Adalyn Grace”

The Pallbearers Club by Paul Tremblay

Art Barbara (alias) is writing a memoir about his relationship with a strange friend he made back when he was a teenager – a friend he believes to be a vampire. They meet through a small club Art founded at his school (because it would look good on a college application) called the Pallbearers Club.Continue reading “The Pallbearers Club by Paul Tremblay”

Hide by Kiersten White

“Set the watch. Do not leave the gate open. Do not let it go hungry.” Fourteen people are chosen for a competitive game of Hide-and-Seek in an abandoned amusement park that is more like a labyrinth – the winner promised $50,000. Mack knows all about Hide-and-Seek. At a family get-together when she was younger, herContinue reading “Hide by Kiersten White”

Be Here to Love Me at the End of the World by Sasha Fletcher

Be Here to Love Me at the End of the World is, on one hand, a story about the beautiful and mundane love of Eleanor and Sam who are just trying to live a normal life in the times of an impending apocalypse. On the other hand, it is also the story of America thatContinue reading “Be Here to Love Me at the End of the World by Sasha Fletcher”

Devil House by John Darnielle

In Devil House, Gage Chandler, a writer of true crime novels, is asked to write about a crime that, at first, seems right up his alley. He moves into the house in which the crimes took place, a house that had many facades over the years, most notably the porn shop it was before itContinue reading “Devil House by John Darnielle”

Books by State: Wyoming

“The novel takes place in a small Wyoming community called Potter’s Field. Though normally a quiet town, Sheriff Nathan Slaughter suddenly finds himself confronted by inexplicable outbreaks of mindless violence, several bodies and the discovery of a new kind of viral infection that appears to be closely related to rabies, though it works much quicker. Along with the town coroner and anContinue reading “Books by State: Wyoming”

From the flower’s point of view, after Robert Frost’s poem Wind and Window Flower

I sat by the window every night waiting foryou to blow through, since you never stay long I’m desperate for even a glance.You would pause at my window and leavebehind tendrils of ice from your frosty kisses. Iwanted so bad to reach out, to feel the chillingsting of you on my skin. But then youContinue reading “From the flower’s point of view, after Robert Frost’s poem Wind and Window Flower”