Poem (and other thoughts) in regards to possible overturning of Roe vs. Wade

Do you care only for the humans
who have not yet been born?
Do you have no sympathy for
the humans who must carry,
birth, and raise these babies
you want others to have so badly?
Where does the line lay, when
does human life lose all meaning
to you? From the moment
they are hurled into this world,
screaming and kicking and waving
their small little arms in confusion?
And when the mother is just as
scared and confused? What sort
of life do you think that child
will have? A life that neither
participant ever asked for,
but that you decided is a
necessity only to abandon
them both and complain when
they desperately need your help.

**Extra thoughts**
It seems to me like this country has not been a democracy for a long time, if it ever truly had been to begin with. Why are we not allowed to vote on issues like this? We should be able to vote on every decision made by every branch of our governement. A couple ways to define democracy: “control of an organization or group by the majority of its members” or “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” We have elected representatives, but they have no real concern about our needs, our thoughts, our hardships. These positions have lost all meaning and are now only filled by people who use their power not to help their people but instead to further their own ambitions and force their beliefs on the world. We have become a capitalist country. Profit comes before the people. This is why cost of living has sky-rocketed, which in turn is why the younger generations are struggling to buy homes and make families of their own. We just cannot afford to. But that is no concern for the millionaires/billionaires who have essentially bought the country. They are only concerned with securing more money and power for themselves, no matter how many they have to crush in order to do so. Crush, or completely control and oppress. That’s what this is all about. Control and oppression. They want us to solely rely on them so that they can siphon off every ounce of freedom for themselves so that they can be untouchable. I think it’s far overdue for us to make our voices heard. For the sake of humanity, a lot of changes need to be made.

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