From the flower’s point of view, after Robert Frost’s poem Wind and Window Flower

I sat by the window every night waiting foryou to blow through, since you never stay long I’m desperate for even a glance.You would pause at my window and leavebehind tendrils of ice from your frosty kisses. Iwanted so bad to reach out, to feel the chillingsting of you on my skin. But then youContinue reading “From the flower’s point of view, after Robert Frost’s poem Wind and Window Flower”

Art piece poem: Boy and Moon, Edward Hopper

I once had a brother, though only I Remember him. We shared a room, almost Shared a soul even. Now both feel cripplingly Empty in his absence. A part of me stolen Away with not even a trace left in its wake. The incidents were always at 3 in the Morning. It began innocently enoughContinue reading “Art piece poem: Boy and Moon, Edward Hopper”

Art piece poem: Moon Cowboy, Eugeniya Dudnikova

At night, laid in bed, I can’t escape the taunting, scornful voice in my head. I cannot hide under the covers from this monster. And so I find myself fleeing from bed, out from the restricting walls, to breathe the crisp air and stare into the void of night. The moon is my only solace,Continue reading “Art piece poem: Moon Cowboy, Eugeniya Dudnikova”

Art piece poem: The Garden of Death, Hugo Simberg

The Underworld is not without its Sanctuaries or new, budding life – Your afterlife can be spent as a Grower of Beauty in the Garden of Death. Here the dead bring to life seeds, Nurse sprouts as they spring forth from Desolation, surround their plant babies with Light and shower them with Love – coaxingContinue reading “Art piece poem: The Garden of Death, Hugo Simberg”

Art piece poem: The Lovers, René Magritte

My love and I are attached at The hip. You will not find one of us Without the other close beside – For my love and I share a soul. If some jealous zealot were to rip us from the Comfort of each other’s embrace, we just need follow The magnetic pull of the otherContinue reading “Art piece poem: The Lovers, René Magritte”

Art piece poem: Golden Tears, Anne-Marie Zilberman

O golden woman, How sorry I am for you, For the way they exploit your gift – Or curse? Because truly what is the Benefit to you? Beauty? When beauty only breeds pain, I could understand if you viewed it As a curse. Having greedy men Milk you for your golden tears – Why doContinue reading “Art piece poem: Golden Tears, Anne-Marie Zilberman”

Art piece poem: A Capriote, John Singer Sargent

I found her in the field, Resting with nature as a fairy. To my reverent calls she did not yield, Yet my heart still grew merry. The beating was usually anxious at best, But watching her meditate amongst the flowers Soothed and slowed that monster in my chest – This being the least impressive ofContinue reading “Art piece poem: A Capriote, John Singer Sargent”