Brenna Yovanoff books

I’ve read a majority of Brenna Yovanoff’s work. She has become one of my favorite authors. She is so incredible at her craft and knows exactly how to tear my heart in two then put it back together again. If you’ve never read any of her books, I highly recommend you check one out. I’veContinue reading “Brenna Yovanoff books”

Belladonna by Adalyn Grace

As a baby, Signa was surrounded by death when everyone, including her parents, died from poison at a party at her family estate. When Death reached for her, he saw her future instead of memories of her short life, and her soul was not to be taken that night. Now, at nineteen, Signa has beenContinue reading “Belladonna by Adalyn Grace”

Teen Killers Club by Lily Sparks

Signal Deere was an outcast to begin with, then she finds herself accused and prosecuted for her best friend’s murder. She is adamant that she was framed, but the evidence (or more accurately, lack of evidence) doesn’t support her claim. Also, she is designated a Class A–the most dangerous and manipulative criminal profile. Immediately afterContinue reading “Teen Killers Club by Lily Sparks”

Books by State: Colorado

“As the daughter of a Colorado County coroner, seventeen-year old Cameryn Mahoney is no stranger to death. In fact, she’s always been fascinated by the science of it. So she’s thrilled to finally get some hands-on experience in forensics working as her father’s assistant, but Cammie is in for more than she bargained for whenContinue reading “Books by State: Colorado”

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important Young Adult books written, and I think both young adults and grown adults should read it and truly digest the messages conveyed, of which I would use these two quotes from the book to summarize: I don’t know if it’s possible to take hate awayContinue reading “Hate List by Jennifer Brown”