Art piece poem: Moon Cowboy, Eugeniya Dudnikova

At night, laid in bed, I can’t

escape the taunting, scornful voice

in my head. I cannot hide under

the covers from this monster.

And so I find myself fleeing from

bed, out from the restricting

walls, to breathe the crisp air and

stare into the void of night.

The moon is my only solace, and the more

I watch her, the longing to fly to her

grows bigger within me. I picture my

escape from this pain-filled life under her gaze.

I see my savior as a man and his horse –

both made completely of sparkling Moonlight;

they descend from her bright, welcoming glow,

following the path of my outstretched arms.

He will scoop me in his arms and hold me tight

against himself as we gallop up and away. With each

mile, my pains will fall away like shooting stars, and I

will grow brighter in her light as my darknesses disappear

^^^Learn more about the artist and view their other works

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