Art piece poem: Golden Tears, Anne-Marie Zilberman

O golden woman,

How sorry I am for you,

For the way they exploit your gift –

Or curse? Because truly what is the

Benefit to you? Beauty?

When beauty only breeds pain,

I could understand if you viewed it

As a curse. Having greedy men

Milk you for your golden tears –

Why do you let them pierce you so?

If they want your liquid treasure so,

Spit it at their feet and let them

Grovel for it like pigs in the mud –

For you are a Heaven touched queen,

And they are merely Earth-bound heretics.

^^^So I actually thought this was a Gustav Klimt painting, but it is actually from Zilberman in the style of Klimt. It’s just been so widely spread and accepted as a Klimt piece that it is mostly found with his name beside it instead of Zilberman. The link I provided is one of the only places I could find that explained this.

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