Art piece poem: The Lovers, René Magritte

My love and I are attached at

The hip. You will not find one of us

Without the other close beside –

For my love and I share a soul.

If some jealous zealot were to rip us from the

Comfort of each other’s embrace, we just need follow

The magnetic pull of the other to be reunited –

Even if bound, blindfolded, and gagged.

My love and I share a mind. We are the same,

From our insecurities to our love language down to

The type of deli meat we like for our sandwiches –

We read each other every day like treasured stories.

And on those days we feel utterly horrid, where

We want to hide our faces from the world, or maybe

Rip them off, we wrap them instead in sheets and imagine

Ourselves ghosts in our own safe haven of togetherness –

And kiss through the soft cotton and our anxieties.

^^^Learn more about this painting!

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